“Having fun while discovering high-level requirements, the necessary efforts and above all the rigour it takes to give yourself a chance to succeed.”
Raphaël Varane
Under the topics of work, requirement, rigour and respect, the training sessions were designed in collaboration with iconic French coach Daniel Leclercq, who contributed to Raphaël’s development as a professional football player.

Sports education


All aspects of football playing are covered, mainly technical points allowing a better ball control, which is essential to the development of the player (control, pass, ball handling, shooting, dribbling, defensive techniques, specific goal keeper sessions, etc.)


Tactical aspects will also be addressed through main offensive and defensive principles – moving away/tightening up, offensive play, direction of play, getting free, pitch occupation, playing on the sides, support/backing, etc.


The physical part will be addressed but included into the sessions – coordination, muscle strengthening, speed work and aerobics will be worked through various exercises.


Mindset will be a constant – rigour, courage, trust, hard work, information gathering, perseverance, respect, fair play.


Educational interventions

Beyond the sports education offered, trainees are also encouraged to reflect on important social issues. Educational interventions are included on a regular basis in the programme to raise the awareness of our youth to some of the current issues that we cannot ignore: